Track Laying

It’s common practice to track lay as you begin in Pro Tools. Track Laying entails organising audio components into groups and placing them on tracks.

To make a new track use the shortcut
CMD, Shift, N

Organise Dialogue, Voiceover, Effects, Music and Atmospheres onto their own tracks. Then separate Mono and Stereo Music, Effects and Atmospheres to allow panning and stereo control.

A later stage of track laying is to sync audio to the video. This can be time consuming to an inexperienced user, however the shortcuts page of this site should help speed things up!

It’s key to organise audio files into a single folder or series of folders. This means that if Pro Tools loses the link between the file location and the session it’s easier to recover the file location. To import a file into Pro Tools is as simple as dragging it from finder onto the session, however you can also use:



To import larger groups of audio clips into Pro Tools this is more efficient. Once all clips are selected, click done and Pro Tools will ask whether to add to new track or clip list. Adding to new track will place the audio straight into the session, helpful if the session is empty. Clip List will add it to the side bar containing all of the clips present in the session. More useful if the session is tightly packed to avoid creating lots more tracks the audio can be dragged into a space on an existing track from the clip list.

Import Clips
Import Clips

Clip List
Clip List

Last but not least it’s important to add a Master Track to your session. Using the usual shortcut but selecting Master from the dropdown menu, as well as matching it to the intended output be it 5.1 or Stereo. Then select ‘Samples’ in the final dropdown.

This allows for panning to the Master Fader, if set the 5.1 then full panning control will be unlocked on the faders. If stereo then just Left and Right panning will be available.

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